Identify, understand and share mobility innovative projects in Latin America


Take an inventory of the appropriate working methods in the field of transport and new technologies.


The innovations which can permit each and every citizen to have access to a pleasant and sustainable environment.


These innovations through a digital platform and encourage forums.


>> 6 months in 3 South American countries.


Ahead in innovative technologies, Colombia has many new urban projects. Medellin which is the second biggest city has set an example known world wide to offer access to transport to its entire population. It was elected as the « Most innovative City » in 2013 preceding New York and Tel Aviv. In order to encourage the local leaders, Colombia is at present working on a project to set up an ecosystem to help start ups carry out their projects (Hub in Bogota and Medellin).


Mexico, the world’s fourteenth economic power, is facing significant challenges to bring mobility for the megacities populations. With the second most important cycle path in North America (ECOBICI) and huge investment (around 150 million dollars) in public transportation, Mexico city is working to provide a sustainable transportation service to his 21 millions of inhabitants.
But Mexicans are not only innovating on infrastructures. They recently won the « Audi Urban future award » by proposing an « operating system for urban mobility » (a data collection platform to evaluate the traffic and manage it automatically).


With its population of 201 million inhabitants and an urban growth rate of 84% Brazil is working hard day after day on improving the transport system in its megacities. This country has been a pioneer in mobility innovations (first BRT – Bus Rapid Transit System, set up in Curitiba in 1974). Known for its dynamic ideas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo are the award winners of the « Sustainable Transport Award 2015 », an award granted by a world committee which rewards cities who contribute towards improving mobility and the life of their citizens.



After two years in India, we noted:

  • An exponential urban growth.
  • A lack of infrastructure for a growing and deserving population!
  • A dynamic country involved in Smart cities program and looking for innovative ideas.

Our desire:

  • Explore urban innovations, outside Asia, which corresponds to this problem.
  • Share appropriate methods with Indian cities and other international organisations which can be adapted to their environment.



smart cities
by 2022


growth rate (2015 estimation)


most populated country in the word


most polluted country in the word



Autonomy is a 4-day event thah celebrates the urban mobility revolution. It will take place on October 6-9th 2016, in Paris

Autonomy is the first event of its type that examines the meeting of industry and technology to present the amazing new mobility innovations being produced in a fittingly lifestyle environment.

We believe that the mobility landscape is changing for the better, and we are working to make AUTONOMY the international flagship event for this future.

We work with our exhibitors and partners to understand their positioning within the urban mobility narrative, and with this understanding not only assist them in conveying their values and vision, but also provide visitors with a rounded view on this exciting movement.


Cities for Life is a global ecosystem of cities and citizens that brings citizen participation and co-creation strategies and tools to other cities.

The goal is to create a city network that is willing to implement an open innovation process that involves the citizens voice to ideate proposals for new urban solutions.

Citiesforlife shares the reportages of Urbanovacion.

Logo_NUMA B&W Medium

NUMA supports entrepreneurship and innovation through a variety of activities: acceleration programs for startups, open innovation projects for corporates, events and coworking spaces for communities.

NUMA has developed an influential network of entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and technical experts around the world.

They are supporting us and communicate our news on innovative urban mobility projects.

11062415_761272947352553_7582012615549265096_o copy

Urban voices is raising & sharing solutions on urban issues, ranging from art to culture, mobility to design, transport to sanitation, planning to governance, and innovations to management.

Urban voices is an Indian collaborative platform dedicted to raise voices and bring action oriented approach for making cities liveable.

They are supporting us and communicate our news on innovative urban mobility projects.


Urban Design Collective (UDC) is a non-profit organization that works as a collaborative platform towards the creation of livable & sustainable cities through community engagement.

UDC will help us to work on the data collected & share the reports  in India.

logo EM

EM Normandie alumni is also supporting this adventure!

Every reports will be share by the network through social medias to 14 000 former students in more than 100 countries.


Crowdfunding is a way of funding a project by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. After one month, we are glad to have more than 30 contributors with us. A huge thanks to all of our crowdfunding partners!

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Marie Quinquis

After her international business studies, Marie, always looking for new ideas, decided to conquer the word (North America, Europe, Asia) to discover new ways of thinking.
This challenge is a way to learn more about urbanism but, mainly to exchange with local populations and key players.

Gaël Prudhomme

After studying computer science, communication and management, Gaël worked 3 years in digital strategy and project management (first in Europe and then in India). Adventurous and passionate about new technologies, this new project is the perfect way to discover, extend and share new experiences.