TRAFI: a new tool to support India in improving its urban mobility system!

Date: 18 Apr 2016
Cat: India, Startups

On the 13th of April, TRAFI has officially announced that their app is available for habitants from Mumbai and Bangalore (as a first step).

This Lithuanian company founded 3 years ago is proposing an application to support urban mobility, fully adapted to emerging countries.

Let’s have a deeper overview about their services.



The young start-up founded in Lithuania in 2013 is now market leader in Baltic countries. They realized quickly that “their services were not adapted to neighbored countries such as Sweden or Finland. Their value-add was to support emerging countries to overcome their issues in Mobility” (Raji, TRAFI India). Therefore, today TRAFI is available in emerging countries such as Turkey, Brazil or India !

How it works?

TRAFI app combines real-time data from official transport public and its users to predict the journey of public transport. This solution is cloud-based.

  • Users: They are using crowdsoucing to collect data from users. “It is a real bidirectional network : users are alerting TRAFI in case of traffic or car crash on the road, but TRAFI is also sending them notification in case of any issue on their roads (Raji, TRAFI).They can alert others in case of car crash, for example. It is the same principle as the “Waze community”.
  • Public transport: TRAFI is using public transport data to improve their services. Moreover, “the company is keen on collaborating with cities to improve their mobility services by providing them data such as: distance, issue on a line…” It allows cities to take more accurate decision when implementing policy or investing on public transport system.

Their strength comes from the quality of their method of analyzing and combining public and private data to get very accurate information !

App features:

  • Route search
  • Schedules and timetables
  • News feed with live information
  • Interactive stops map
  • Real time information
  • Next arrival times in your stop
  • Favorites – users can save their frequently used stops, home and work locations for quick access.


For travelers, the app is available in 34 languages, therefore you can use the same app in different places of the world and your native language will be available !”, RAJI

So far, the app is available in : Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia… and now India !

After having been selected by Rio for the upcoming Olympic Games, TRAFI is now entering the Indian market. “So far we are in Mumbai and Bangalore. However, we will be available soon in Chennai and Delhi” (Raji, TRAFI).

Let’s follow closely their development in the coming months!