STS: a dynamic NGO using technology to improve quality of life!

Date: 31 Jul 2016
Cat: Application, Bicycle

Everyone can play a part ! This quotation really makes sense when having a look at the NGO Soluciones Tecnologicas Sustentables (STS) ! Very concerned about the environment and quality of life of their city, a group of students and/or freshly graduated of Rosario have decided to set up STS 13 years ago. Their aim : to work altogether on finding solution to major issues such as urban mobility. Today, this group of volunteers is dedicating its free time in developing technological tools to bring free, innovative and customized solution to Argentina!

Let’s have a look at this wonderful initiative !


STS was born 13 years back in the city of Rosario, a 1 million inhabitants’ city, located in the area of Santa Fé in Argentina. As most cities of Latin America, the car-oriented culture is widely spread accross. STS volunteers have decided to focus their energy on developing innovative projects to raise awareness about environmental issue and improve the current situation.

What are their projects :

STS has developed different projects regarding environment and mobility. They are using either a pedagogic and ludical approach (to raise awareness about a topic) and/or technologies (to bring tools to inhabitants to change their habits).

2 of their main projects regard mobility:

1. Carpoolear, a car-sharing system between cities of Argentina

  • Aim: Implement the concept of car-sharing in Argentina to decrease congestion, car emission and increase link between people.
  • How it works ?
    • As BlablaCar in Europe, Carpoolear is the first app in Argentina which allows drivers to connect with passengers to share the costs of the ride.
    • Main differences with Blablacar:
      Carpoolear allows you to select with whom you want to ride based on your Facebook account : direct friends, friends of your friends, public. Thus, the app can overcome the concern of safety which is sometimes an obstacle to the use of car-sharing.Carpoolear doesn’t deal with payment and transaction. As they are an NGO, they don’t collect money and let driver/passenger discuss about it.
  • Timeline:
    The app was launched in 2013 in Argentina and had a great success! They have been awarded by the BID ( Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo) as 1 of the 15 start-ups which improve the quality of life of cities from Latin America. Today, Carpoolear has more than 40 000 users accross Argentina. STS wants to improve the service to make it seamless for the user by adding new features.
    They are currently conducting a crownfunding and need our support. Clik here to participate :

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2. Rosario en Bici, a movement to promote use of bicycle as a daily means of transport

  • Aim: Accelerate the switch from using bicycle only for leisure to a daily mean of transport. Therefore, improve the quality of life of inhabitants by reducing the gas emmission and the traffic.
  • How it works:
    • STS has decided to work on the obstacles of the use of bicycle by people such as : safety, awareness about the road, incentive.
      • STS has created a network of bikers : Rosario en Bici. On the website platform, anybody can know about the news, upcoming event (critical mass), plan, workshop about cycling…
      • STS has developped a dedicated tool to support bikers. The app allow them to know :
        • Where bike garage are located and their timetable
        • Where is the closest bike-sharing station
        • Where there is bicycle parking
        • The list of shops which are part of the netword and give reward when stopping there with your bike
        • Your road by bike

They are also working a lot on the environment and have developed ludical and pedagogic projects such as : La Pédalectrica (a project set up to raise awareness about energy consumption).

These amazing projects are all led by volunteers-only who are sharing the same willingness : improve the quality of life of all and decrease the negative impact of individuals on the environment.