MuevAC: Mexican’s start-ups gathered to tackle mobility issue!

Date: 24 Mar 2016
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Urban mobility is a complex topic which involves numerous stakeholders of a city. Of course, main driver is the city itself with the implementation of policies as promotion of public urban transport but not only… As Jimena (Co-founder of Carrot) told us rightfully “to get an efficient urban mobility system, a city needs to be supported by private imitative”.

In Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX), you can meet numerous start-ups providing services to support habitants to move around.  Some went further! A bunch of them have decided to work together and provide a complete solution to meet mobility needs. This group is: MuevAC.

Let’s have a look at this non-profit organization of private companies!

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Urban mobility, a social concern

Urban mobility is a democratic topic: it hits everybody “from the richest 
to the poorest man of Mexico City” (Jimena, MuevAC). Indeed, as an average, Mexican spend 1h21 minutes to commute from his home to his workplace and the same to go back. Thus, it is almost 3 hours a day in a car. It means that Mexican spend 44 days a year in their cars!


Mexicans, direct neighbors of the Americans, have for a long time considered owning cars as the Holy Grail.  Different factors have been driving it:

  • Social: As Americans, or Europeans during the Industrial revolution, it is associated to a social status. “If I own a car, I am successful professionally and personally”.
  • Economic: In 2013, Mexico was the 13th supplier of petrol worldwide. Therefore, Mexican have accessed to cheap.
  • Infrastructure: The organization of Mexican cities is modeled on American’s one: the urban sprawl. Instead of having a vertical extension, they chose to go for a horizontal one with lots of suburban area connected to the city with highways.

However, for the past 4 years in CDMX, “people are rethinking about it and mentalities are slowly starting to move from owning a car to leaving a car” (Jimena, MuevAC).

Lots of initiatives have been taken by the government to make people follow this path, as promoting Ecobici or thinking about setting up policies which comply owners of old cars (polluting one) to stop riding one day a week.

However, as rightly mentioned Jimena, you cannot make people leave their cars without offering them alternatives!

Urban mobility, a borderless topic!

For the past decades, Mexican government has worked hard to develop public transportation as BRT, Metro or even Ecobici and promote carless transport system in Mexico City. However, with a city of more than 20 millions habitants and 3600 km², it is difficult for municipality to cover the needs of every unhabitant.


Mexico from the sky

In the mean-time lots of private initiatives were coming up such as car-sharing, scooter-sharing… However, one solution can not cover all the mobility needs of one person.

This is where MuevAC (which means “Move Yourself” in English) came into picture!

This initiative was launched 4 years back led by two fresh urban mobility start-ups:


    • Is a system of car-sharing with an application as a tool.
    • Has been launched four years back in Mexico City. It is the same system as other car-sharing model we can find in many places (example : autolib in Paris).
    • How it works: Users register themselves on an app. They collect a car from a station and can use it for as long as they need it. At the end of the trip, users will drop it back at the same station.
    • Business model: fix fees (depending on your status: occasional or regular user) and pay as you go fee (per hour, per day,…).

carrot car


    • Was initially a B2B application: a ride-sharing for private companies and/or universities. Then, it has added the ride sharing for particular and long distance trip.
    • How it works:
      • For B2B: A company uses the application of Aventones to allow its employee to share ride.
      • For B2C: particular use the platform to find a ride and share the cost (gas, toll…).
    • History: Aventones has been acquired by Blablacar in 2015. Blablacar is an international ride-sharing company which offers ride sharing between cities.


Today, MuevAC, is 13 organizations: from start-ups (Kangou, Carrot), NGO (EMBARQ), Private companies (Uber) and government (Laboratorio para la ciudad). They are all working in developing a better urban mobility service for citizens of Mexico City.

tu ola

3 main topics on their agenda:

  • Combine their strength and experience to discuss with government
  • Improve their services by offering a complete mobility solution for their customers
  • Be the ambassador of a sustainable mobility to citizens and political organizations


To summarize, use their network to have more influence: unity makes strength !

A concrete project, 30 days without your cars!

In order to promote Urban Mobility, MuevAC has launched a concrete program named: #Sintucochestumuevesmejor. It means: without your car, you move better!

The principle is simple! Among their customers, they have selected 10 people who dropped their car’s keys for one month and they have offered them alternatives way to commute! Indeed, each stakeholder of MuevAC is offering their services for free to them for one month.

At the end, this kind of reality TV show has an educative objective: prove to Mexican that they can leave without their cars…at least one day a week! “If everyone parks its car one day a week, traffic will reduce itself 20%. It will have lots of impact for the city in term of pollution, quality of life but also savings. According to statistics, today Mexico city is spending 20 million a year due to traffic jam!” (Jimena).

The experience has been filmed and should be released by August 2016! Be posted.

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