Mejor en Bici: From a shared passion to a way of living!

Date: 04 Jun 2016
Cat: Bicycle, Colombia, Startups

Mejor en Bici, it is the story of 4 friends in love with bicycling and with Colombia who have combined their passion with a hot trend: Bike to work.
Read more about this amazing adventure which has started in 2010!


Everything starts by a trip…

At the beginning of the 2000’s, Colombia is not the same country we know today with its 7% of economic growth and its cities, such as Medellin or Bogota, cited as example of Smart Cities !

It is a country which suffers and its image is associated to drug cartels. If they have the opportunity, most of the young people flee the country to study or settle abroad. Colombians don’t want to travel in their own country and prefer visit neighbors country instead for their holidays.

It is in this context that José (cofounder of Mejor en Bici) and 3 of his friends launch a crazy and audacious project! Connecting the 4 cardinal points (North, South, West, and East) of Colombia with their bikes to prove to everyone that Colombia is a fantastic country, full of discoveries and every Colombian can be proud of it and to belong to it!

In 2010, back from this amazing trip which aroused a keen interest in Colombia, the 4 friends decide altogether to work on a solution to promote use of bicycle : not only for leisure but as a means of urban transport : Mejor en Bici was born.

Mejor en Bici proposes a service of shared-bicycle to companies to promote and ease the use of bicycle as a daily commutation system for employees.  

An asset for Bogota :

  • Bogota hasn’t set up (yet) a public shared-bike system (for example: velib in Paris). Therefore, this proposal is very well appreciated by companies.
  • Bogota has set up strict rules as « Pico y Placa » which obliges drivers of private cars to not use their cars some days a week. It is a good alternate for drivers.

How it works ?

Mejor en Bici supports companies :

  • Operational :
    • Install racks and bikes at the company.
    • An employee of Mejor en Bici allocates bicycles and gets them back.
    • Rental time varies between 24 to 48 hours according to the company’s policy.
image projet 3

exemple rack

Exemple de rack à vélos

  • Communication:
    • Advertising and training within companies.
    • Reward to active members (some companies go further and offer a half-day off to employees who use bicycle as a means of commuting).

And results are there !

After 3 pilots to test their ideas with universities and private companies, Mejor en Bici launches its business. The company has today:

  • Around 18 active customers with an average fleet of 20 bicycles, some of them are big industrial groups such as CEMEX or Bavaria.
  • Around 20 employees.

And Mejor en Bici saw further! José confided to us that they wish to enter into a new era of automation of bicycle’s allocation (rent its bicycle thanks to a magnetic card, such as velib), allow employees to give them bicycle back at a different rack from where they have took it ! They work today on other project of public shared bicycle as in Barranquilla.  

Stay tuned…

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