Innovative taxi apps (Uber, Cabify) proposal to improve CDMX urban mobility !

Date: 05 May 2016
Cat: Startups

Launch of Uber or other innovative application are often sources of conflicts and virulents controversies.

  • In Paris, violent clashes between taxi drivers and Uber’s one for unfaire competition took place in June 2015. It led to the definitive closure of Uber POP (one service of Uber when particular can use their own car and work as a taxi driver).
  • In Bogota (where Urbanovacion is today), Uber’s users must be seated in the front seat (next to the driver) to avoid fights with Columbians taxi drivers.

The war between “traditional” taxi and Uber emphasizes difficulties for authorities all over the world to regulate these new business models.

Mexico City is also affected by this phenomena and it is very difficult for the city to regulate these companies: legally and fiscally. Further the discussion about “unfair competition and innovation”, launched by the government,  “Cabify ( a mexican app similar to Uber) proposed last june a system which benefit to Mexico City’s unhabitant”. (Jonathan Gonzalez, SAMOVI CDMX).

This model, rapidly adopted by Uber, assumes that:

  • 2% of Cabify and Uber profit would be collected.
  • Creation of a fund dedicated to the improvement of urban mobility of the city (improvement of public space, infrastructures for pedestrians and/or cyclists…) thanks to the 2% levied.

Interesting to watch… Indeed, this suggestion (very pro-active and interesting) doesn’t seem to have been set-up yet…