A nice initiative from Lannion to encourage commuting with bicycles!

Date: 11 May 2016
Cat: Bicycle


The French NGO « Tregor Bicyclett » is the instigator of the Challenge Marc’h Houarn  (or iron horse). It is a contest between companies from the 2nd of May to the 2nd of June, open to everybody, from the beginner to the expert. The first edition of this event, which aims to make people consider bicycling as a mean of transport to commute daily, wants to become an annual event!

The principle is simple :

  • Registration :
    • Register online on the website and fund/join a team.
    • In each company, a godfather/godmother will be the leader of the group.
    • Mention your profile : beginner, intermediate, expert
  • How to get points :
    • Come to the office with bicycles the most that you can
    • Convince new cyclists to grow the community
    • Share pictures to get bonus points
  • Reward :
    • A drawing lot will take place every  weeks to motivate the community
    • The official reward ceremony will be held on the 4th of June in the Quais d’Aiguillon.

And the organization go further and organizes events during the challenge :

  • Bicycle workshop : adjustment and maintenance of bicycle
  • Rent of electric bicycle

The first round took place in April and the challenge started in May.
The subscription are still open until June 4th!

A very nice local and civic initiative which can be replicated easily in France or anywhere else in the world !