BiciCaracoles: a bicycle school for everybody in a car-orientated city!

Date: 03 Jun 2016
Cat: Bicycle, Mexico

Monterrey is the richest city of Mexico with major parts of the daily trips made with cars. Here cars are a question of status.

In a municipality of Monterrey (San Diego), the rate of cars’ ownership is astonishing: more than 1 car per inhabitant! Monterrey is starting to suffer with traffic jam and slowly turning into the same than Mexico City.

Moreover, Monterrey has a high social disparity with extra rich in one area of the city and very poor people in other location. Not everybody can offer to ride a car, or even want to!


In this context, the small and dynamic BiciCaroles was created. It is a collective which proposes to everyone to learn how to ride a bike in Monterrey: a bicycle school! The main objective is to teach people how to ride a bike safely!


How it works:

BiciCaracoles respects a strict methodology.

  1. Anybody can subscribe for free to the courses online (social network) or by mail, phone (check out the contact details below).
  2. Each lesson of 2 hours will be personalized and individual. The student can benefit from a personal interaction with the teacher. He/She can learn at his/her own speed.
  3. Student will learn about :
    1. How to ride a bike.
    2. The road safety rules: how to behave on the road with other vehicles?
    3. Cyclists’ guidelines: use a helmet, use lamp at night.

A very nice imitative which benefit to everyone in the society: from young people to elders! If you are in Monterrey and wants to benefit from this program, don’t hesitate to contact Jorge!