An app which ease the daily life of inhabitants of more than 800 cities!

Date: 18 Jun 2016
Cat: Startups

Moovit, a young Israeli’s start-up, has been recently in the news by announcing a partnership with Uber. Available in 60 countries and more than 800 cities, this company of 80 people eases the daily mobility of thousands of people. Let’s discover it together.  


Lots of start-up which are working on mobility has been created due to the frustration of one of their funders when he moved. The most famous of them, Uber, was created when Travis Kalanick, its founder, was attending an event in Paris in 2008 and was not able to find a taxi. The idea sprouts and few months later it became a multinational! It was a similar story for Moovit. Its founders were bored of keeping searching for the best road to go for a point A to a point B. They decided to create a tool to ease the daily life of everybody: Moovit was born!  


Moovit combines public data and real-time data (they collect them from their users). They analyze them and are able in real-time to know what is the fastest road to go from point A to point B.

Public data are not always opened. Therefore, Moovit is supported by its community of editors.They are simple inhabitants of a city who have decided to improve their city mobility and map it. Today, more than 100 cities have been mapped thanks to these volunteers. And, you don’t need to be 1000. For example, Mumbai was mapped by 1 person only !

How it works for the end-user ?

  • Moovit offers a free application available on Android, IOS and Windows Store in 42 languages.  
  • The app allows the user to :
    • Get his fastest road to go from a point A to a point B with various transport system (public ones such as bicycles, metro or buses) and private one (such as Uber).
    • Know in real-time his transport duration and which one is the fastest.
    • Keep track of his favorite’s trips.
    • Get a notification when the traffic of his favourite trip is disturbed.
    • The extra, the app sent you a push notification when you have to get out of the bus; very useful when you are far away after a long day of work.


What are the advantages?

  • The user can use the same application when he is travelling. The application will be available in his language.
  • The user can easily optimize his road by getting the alert in real-time.
  • Cities and governments can benefit from very useful data to improve and optimize their public transport system.

Today, Moovit is available in more than 800 cities as Bangalore and Mumbai in India or Bogota in Colombia. The app benefits to 20 millions of users and surely reduce their daily frustrations when commuting.  !