The e-scooter sharing: new trends of urban mobility in megacities!

Date: 22 Mar 2016
Cat: Mexico, Startups

Nowadays, cities are totally congested with private cars.

It impacts the environment: for example, Mexico City got its highest peak of pollution for the past 10 years last week. Moreover, with the economy crisis, people want to avoid extra-expenses as such as the gas or the parking for example. In the mean-time, they are not ready to only count on public transport system for all their trips.

A new service of urban mobility has fully understood these needs: the e-scooter sharing!


How does it works?

This service is based on the same model as bicycle sharing that we can find in many cities around the world as: velib (Paris), ecobici (Mexico City), SmartBike (Hong Kong) or Citi Bike (New York).

Scooters AND helmets are available at several charging stations in the city. Thanks to an application, you can book one and drop it at another station of the city. Generally, it is a pay as you go business model.

  • Benefit for users :
    • “They can substitute many car rides a day”.
    • Most importantly, users avoid traffic and all car ownership hassles (finding parking space, paperwork, maintenance, etc. )” Alejandro Morales (e-conduce).
  • Benefit for the city :
    • The scooters are electric which address several challenges of the city:
      • It helps improving the environment (no gas emission).
      • It improves the quality of life of citizens: no noise.
      • It can connect unserved areas by public transport system.



logo econduce


In Mexico City, the young start-up e-Conduce (part of MuevAC), founded mid-2013, has brought this innovative services to the Mexican citizens. e-conduce proposes shared electric scooters. The service is “all-included pay-as-you-go service with a network of almost 30 charging stations. Users can pick a scooter up in one location and drop it off in any other. It is easy to use, cheap, fun and environmentally friendly! And the adventure will grow: “In the short term we are about to open 40 stations with 150 scooters. Our goal in the following years is to ten-fold these numbers within this city and expand to other cities.” (Alejandro Morales, cofounder of e-conduce).

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In Barcelona, ecooltra, part of the company cooltra, has announced the launch of the same service. So far, it is a private initiative with a fleet of 250 escooters and it is strongly supported by the government of Barcelona. “City forecast that each moto shared with eCooltra will be equal to the use of 10 traditional moto. “. It will have several benefit impact such as “a more efficient use of public space, reduce the traffic jam and in total it should avoid the emission of 500 tones of CO2 a year” (, 10.02.2016)

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