Movers: an application to promote a safer shared mobility!

Date: 04 Jun 2016
Cat: Colombia, Startups


Movers is a young Colombian start-up, based in Bogota, founded in 2013, which promotes every kind of shared-mobility solutions (cars, taxis, bikes or pedestrians). They are offering a solution to companies and allow their employees to share their trips safely.

From a more global point of view, Movers wants to address several issues such as the pollution issue of Bogota and the lack of productivity of companies. Today, 84% of employees from Bogota are late at the office (around 15 to 30 minutes) because of the traffic!

How it works? 

For companies:

  • Before, Movers offers a diagnostic of existing mobility solutions in the company and suggests a strategy customized to each company’s particular needs.   
  • During the execution of the strategy and the implementation of the application, Movers accompanies the company and proposes training to project managers and future users.

For employees :

  • Employees register on Movers’ platform and create a profile (professional and personal mailing address, company, department, name, photography…). Each element is checked to make sure the information is true. The main driver which leads people to not use shared service in Latin America is: the lack of safety.   
  • The application allows them to:
    • Look for/publish a trip: by private car, by cab, by bicycle or by foot.
    • Use the mail platform to discuss with his/her corider of trip, share its geolocalisation or share picture of the place he is … very useful to find each other!
    • Check his indicators: trips, numbers of kilometers, CO2 emission savings.

And benefits are numerous:

  • For companies :
    • Improve productivity and quality of life of employees.
    • Improve human relationship.
    • Get a better fleet management (parking…)
  • For the city :
    • Create cooperation between companies.
    • Create a culture of citizenship.
    • Improve the air quality.
    • Improve the urban mobility in Bogota.



«Mover’s strategy is not to get new customers as fast as we can. We want to work with the existing one, work closely with them and offer them a customized and personalized service to make sure we fulfill their needs.” David (Movers). And it works ! Today, Movers has several alliances with well-know group of companies from Bogota such as : the Chevrolet Fundacion or Pro-Bogota.