Mobilibike : a bike delivery service based on the principle of sunstainable development !

Date: 27 Jul 2016
Cat: Bicycle, Brasil, Startups

Every good idea not always comes from a positive event. As an exemple, in 2012 the region of Modena (Italy) was strucked by a severe earthquacke. Producers of parmesans had to deal with more than 3600 tonnes of cheese damaged. Their inhabitants were devastated. Massimo Bottura, a 3 stars restaurant chef from Modena,invented the recipe “Risotto de Parmesiano”. Quickly, the word spreaded out and every restaurant was serving the famous “Risotto de Parmesiano”. In 6 months, the damaged stock was sold and, the success was so important that producers were sold out !

As an analogy, today Brazil is facing a very important economic crisis. First impacted are the young generation and/or less qualified. Lots of them are having lots of difficiulties to find a job. Having noticed this issue, Luciano, Eduardo and Guilherme, 3 friends from Curitiba, decided to work on an idea to support young people to get an income and, at the same time, develop a greener way to move around. This social and environmental friendly concept is named : Mobilibike.


Curitiba is very well known as THE pioneer city in the world of Urban Mobility. They are the first in the world to have implemented the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System and to get a pedestrian street. Generally, they are keen on developping innovative projects based on the principles of sunstainable development.

Today, Curitiba is developing a bike network. They have already 200 km of bike lanes and plan to add 200 more. They have implemented projects to reduce the speed of motorized vehicle to 40 km/hour to make the road safer for bikers. In addition to these public projects, the topography of the city is ideal to enjoy riding, very flat. It allows users to enjoy moving around with bicycle.

bicycle lane curitiba copy

In the mean-time, a service of moto-taxi has been developed. This service can address two markets : either people who want to move from point A to point B (cheaper than taxi) or delivery services (such as documents or packages).

Finally, the concept of urban mobility is not only the mobility of persons but also the mobility of goods. According to a recent study from the European Commission, more than 10% of the greenhouse gas emission in important European cities is coming from Urban Freigh Vehicle. In addition to the quality of air, use of motorized vehicle for urban freight is coming with noise pollution which impacts a lot the liveability of a city.


Based on these observations, Luciano and his friends have decided to create their start-up : a service of delivery with bikes.

How it works ?

Mobilibike has developed an application:

  • Messenger registers on the application. They have to provide their bank account details, ID and yheir police records.
  • User registers on the application : they will mention where to pick-up the package and where to deliver it. Thus, the app will display the cost of the service and the time of delivery.
  • Based on these information, the messenger will receive indications about the delivery. His road will be displayed on the screen.

This service, cheap and competitive, will allow the city of Curitiba to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants by reducing the pollution, either atmospheric or audible. Moreover, it has a strong social impact because it allows inhabitant to supplement their monthly income or even more to have one !


And the future ?

So far, the application was officially launched 40 days back in Curitiba as a pilote. The aim is to propose this solution in different cities of Brazil to promote green mobility and improve the quality of life of the young generation !