How to improve mobility with small civic actions?

Date: 21 May 2016
Cat: Civic actions, Colombia

From a local initiative to a global movement !

100 en 1 Dia Movement

What is 100en1Dia ?

Launched in 2012 on the impulse of Bogotanos students, 100en1Dia is a citizen’s movement. It seeks to improve the quality of life of citizens by making them active players in the building of THEIR city ! On the same trend than Pierre Rabhi’s movement (The humming bird), 100en1Dia truly believes in the power of small actions and living together to build our dreamed cities!


Today 100en1dia, it’s :

  • 4 continents.
  • 30 cities as Medellin (Colombia), Montreal (Canada), San José (Costa Rica), Milano (Italy) ou Cape Town (South Africa).
  • More than 60 000 people involved !


How it works?

Each year, during one day, inhabitants organize and participate together at 100 civic actions in public spaces. These actions cover different themes: pollution, crime, public spaces, spirituality, mobility, culture… Actions are often recreational and pedagogic (mime, painting, games, dance,…). The movement is open to everyone and aims to include every minority to the project.

This event requires a smooth and seamless organization :

1. 60%, preliminary phase, Discover – Inspire – Participate

All over the year, the 6 members of 100en1Dia work with communities :

  • Organize workshops :
    • Create a group and organize the project.
    • Think together about how to improve their area.
    • Discuss together about which actions to organize.. « The key is the creativity !», Juliana Serrano (100en1Dia)
  • Share a toolkit to support communities in the organization of their actions.


2. 20%, D-Day, Act

  • Promotion of the event.
  • Set-up.
  • A party to celebrate actions completed because «  everything deserves a reward ! », Juliana Serrano (100en1Dia)


3. 20%, Building and Dreaming : Anchoring – Perspectives

  • Make sure of the continuity.
  • Imagine together the next steps.

Which impact on Urban Mobility ?

One theme of 100en1Dia is urban mobility. For example, two actions has been successfully organized in Bogota :

  • Improve the pedestrian safety at a dangerous intersection :
    • Phase 1 : paint pedestrian crossing with coloured marks to warn car-drivers and raise awareness.
    • Phase 2 : set up signaling signs and pedestrians signal.
  • Create a bicycle lane :
    • Phase 1 : paint the lane with vivid colours.
    • Phase 2 : separate physically the bicycle lane from the car lane with terraces.

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Focus on 100en1Dia Bogota : El Gran Dia de 100en1Dia

On the 21st of May, El Gran Dia de 100en1Dia, the annual event will be hold in Bogota: the flagship city of this movement!

To every Bogotano, attend the tomorrow event or go in your street to encourage them.

100en1Dia, a local movement which became global ! Today, this movement has a dream : 100 countries ! Then, don’t hesitate to contact them to become an active player in YOUR city !

100en1Dia Bogota

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