SURFER, an innovative product for a new way of mooving in Brazil: E-PATINETTE

Date: 11 Sep 2016
Cat: Brasil, Startups

Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city of Brazil right after Sao Paulo. In contrasts to Sao Paulo which invested only recently into bike lanes, Rio has started to transform its public spaces and created a bike friendly environment since 1992.

However, the bike’s network remained very poor until recently. Since few years and the sportive event coming up (World football cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016), a significant investment into mobility has been done (new tramway, urban’s cable car, metro). Cycling infrastructure were part of it.  

Today, Rio has more than 450 kilometres of bike lanes and is planning to go further by adding 100 of kilometres more. It is very safe and easy for Cariocas (this is the nice nicknames of Rio inhabitants) and tourists to move by bike near to the famous beach of Copacabana.

When walking aside the beach, you can notice lots of bicycles, rollers and a new comer the electric bike! Based on these observation, two good Brazilian friends, an engineer and a business man, have decided to provide a new way to move in Brazil: the e-scooters (or “patinette/trotinette”) SURFER.

Urbanovacion was lucky enough to meet his creator, Yuri Berezovoy, and try it when we were in Rio de Janeiro.

Let’s get some insight about this stylish and trendy product!


What’s the story of SURFER?

SURFER is first a childhood and friendship story. Yuri and his friend used to ride a bike since they were old enough to go to school.  Biking was a real passion! Time passed, they were still using bike. Yuri was working as business man whereas his friends started to work for the automotive industry.  Once, they met and realized that Brazil was ready to welcome a new way of moving: e-bicycle. So why not an e-patinette; an alternative less expensive than an e-scooter and more robust that the existing e-bikes!

After 3 years of researches to get the finest tuned vehicle, 4 sponsorships and funding from both, private and public sectors, SURFER is coming to live this year.

What are the advantages of SURFER?

  • Environmental -friendly: the motor is completely electric, there is zero emission!
  • Good value for money: you can get your SURFER for only 1500 euro (R5690). It is a nice option for a qualitative product.
  • Trendy and stylish: with its curvy shape and its material (woods and metal), it reminds you the beach of Copacabana.
  • Hybrid: you can either use SURFER as an e-bike (speed limit up to 30 km) or switch for the e-scooter mode (speed limit up to 50 km).
  • Silent: What stroke us the most? There is no noise at all, you feel like flying!


And what next?

  • On July 2016, SURFER completed its first crowdfunding. They are starting to deliver their first product.
  • The plan is to launch SURFER in different Brazilian cities.

Let’s keep an eye on this innovative product which could easily be seen on European beaches’ sides!

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